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Welcome to the Ebon Shadows

Every now and then, people who come from different walks in life, are bound by a single purpose. So formed the Cult of the Ebon Shadows.  Watching her family fall to Templare blade, Eldelia Shadowstalker sought out those that had once taught her all that the shadow offered.  One by one she brought them in and slowly the cult formed.   Each member of the Cult reaches out to share with others the nature of the shadow, the lies of those who protect and work from within the Cathedral and the freedom to be attained if one truly embraced what they were; unlimited potential within the loving arms of the Ebon Shadow.

So what is the Ebon Shadows?

The Ebon Shadows is the spirit of freedom, ecstasy, rebellion, indulgence, self-transformation, creation and an unbridled love for life -- both in its carnal and spiritual forms.

The Ebon Shadows ultimately wants mortal beings to indulge in life, to enjoy themselves in mortal form and spiritually, and to accumulate more knowledge. Whereas the Light wants mortal beings to remain stupid and easily manipulated, The Ebon Shadow desires mortal beings to grow in intelligence and ultimately become their own masters. In the completion of that path, they become true masters of the self within the shadows.

Such a force of nature give freedom and liberation to those that seek it's path. The rewards of it's true servants can not be measured in worldly ecstacy. The freedom even in the mortal life, is unparalleled to any that Elune or the Light bringers would dare to offer you. 

The mastery of the four primal powers, incorporating the three virtues and the true understanding of the guiding precepts will lead you from a simple follower to what the shadows seeks of each of us. A true weapon in it's hand.

Do you have what it takes to be a true weapon of the Cult? Is your heart so unlimited that maybe you could attain status within the Cult itself? Only time will tell.... for failure and betrayal are often marked for death!

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Leahalanie, Sep 4, 11 7:17 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Death Knight
Blood (10)
Frost (10)
Unholy (10)
Balance (10)
Feral (10)
Restoration (10)
Beast Masters (10)
Marksmanship (10)
Survivalists (10)
Arcane (10)
Fire (10)
Frost (10)
Discipline (10)
Shadow (10)
Assassination (10)
Combat (10)
Subtlety (10)
Elemental (10)
Enhancement (10)
Restoration (10)
Affliction (10)
Demonology (10)
Destruction (10)
Arms (10)
Fury (10)
Protection (10)
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